Local Community Theatre

client- owned images for newspaper & social media release

Scheduled by appointment, and working closely with the Director, the photographer will shoot up to 5 selected scenes will be photographed. Each scene will be arranged and photographed from several different angles.
The cast needs to be in full costume, make up, off-book on a finished set. 


Lobby Shots

lobby shots and production stills by appointment

Pamela uses on-location, professional soft box lighting equipment & Canon pro digital camera. 
Photographer will require up to 45 minutes to set up lighting, background and prepare for the individual photo session. Time need for the shoot is determined by the number of cast members and if the crew will also be taken.

Upon scheduling this individual on-location photo shoot, the Director will determine if the entire cast will be photographed in full costume and makeup, as their
on stage character, or the entire cast will be
photographed in their street clothes
as themselves. Allow up to 3 days
to receive the edited JPG's.
Client owns copyright.