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Digital photo files and Adobe® go hand-in-hand.
Pamela adjusts color, clairity and crops using Adobe Photoshop® 2022,

and the HDR program, Photomatix Pro® on client high resolution JPG's.

Wedding Albums, Scrapbooks, Display Calendars & Photo Cards
are printed through online digital publishers, BookWright & Shutterfly.
Editing & printing orignal images for Metal or Canvas enlargements
include artwork, and are sent to Bay Photo Lab in Santa Cruz, CA.


BIRD 535.jpg

WIX Website Reboot

Is your website up to date?
Has business shifted course
and does your site reflect
the changes?

Over the years, Pamela's worked
with various website builders,
including SquareSpace,
GoDaddy, & Zoho.

WIX Website Builder
is her preferred builder.

Favorite fonts can be uploaded
and is visible on both
Mac & PC platforms.
Text boxes & images can be
moved anywhere on the page
to create interest.

Email Pamela to discuss
your existing website and
changes you'd like to make. 

Website designs:

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