In 6th grade, my Dad put a Leica 35mm camera in my hands and set me on the right path. 

Photography would be my vocation of destiny, and a camera was always in my hands.

  I was introduced to the magic of the darkroom at 15 and discovered the beauty of handcoloring

B&W fiber prints. I'd lose all track of time dodging and burning highlights & shadows, 

creating perfection in chemistry-filled trays.

It was magic.

In 1979, in northern California I used medium format cameras, beginning the 20 year journey 

as a medium format portrait & wedding photographer.

Enter the digital arena. 

Today, I see the 3 dimensional look I love about film in wonderful digital photo editing techniques. 

There's more than I thought I'd find as I began the journey from celluloid to memory card. 

And it's been through the digital darkroom that I found the artist in me, and I'm glad to be here.

High Resolution Client JPGs are key to creating art photos. Using Photoshop layers, parchment texture backgrounds

and watercolor brushes, favorite images transform into wall art, vinyl outdoor wall hangings and custom calendars.



Adobe® Photoshop CC

Photomatix Pro® for HDR 

Brusheezy Watercolor Brush Set



The Orchid Collection

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